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WELCOME! This guide was made with YOU in mind!

Are you curious about how to implement differentiated reading in your classroom?  Have you thought about the RTI connections with reading?  Maybe you lack confidence with your ability to manage materials and students in a differentiated reading classroom? After all, we're only human.  These are essential questions that were pondered while creating this guide for you. 

This guide has numerous web-links and documents that further explain the benefits of differentiated reading instruction.  The resources chosen for this guide were meant to be easy-to-read and easily digested to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed with information. 

Although many resources are gathered for you, and there is an extensive bibliography about reading differentiation attached to the Additional Resources tab, you may be interested to investigate further.  Good for you!  But, sometimes the oceans of information available are just as frustrating as not finding anything on your topic of interest.  Let me assist you in searching.

The attached document may be printed or saved electronically for future use.   See, this guide was made with YOU in mind!

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Define Differentiated Reading!

Define what you mean by Differentiated Reading.  Is it a packaged curriculum?  Can it be integrated with my current basal, anthology, and/or reading curriculum? 

Differentiated Reading is a method of addressing student's needs by facilitating small group instruction tailored to fit the needs of your students.  It's a pedagogy... an instructional approach, if you will.  With supplementation, you can facilitate Differentiated Reading in your classroom with most curricula. Check out this link that gives a brief overview of the philosophy of Guided Reading.  This is the premise of the differentiated instruction in reading that is addressed in this libguide.  Guided Reading and differentiated reading will be used interchangeably in this guide, but it's the same student-centered pedagogy.


What does it  look like? Is that the Three Ring Circus thing again?

Well, sort of.  You're on the right track anyway.   It would involve working with a group of students while others work independently on reading  curriculum, but it isn't as chaotic as a three-ringed circus once you have the materials and procedures in place to facilitate guided reading lessons.  The fear of the three-ringed circus is exactly why this libguide was created!  Hopefully, with our support, you too will experience the satisfying results experienced with differentiated reading methods.  There's more bang for your buck than non-differentiated whole group instruction. 


O.K., you've got my attention.  What if I can't find the information that I'm specifically looking for?

The author of this libguide, Lisa Sorlie, will be happy to help research your question or connect you with another teacher in our district that utilizes with reading pedagogy. Just ask!  Her e-mail address is sorlilis@bonduel.k12.wi.us

Here's a link with a lot of the jargon used in the Differentiated Instruction.  Maximize your background knowledge; then dive on in this libguide!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you starting off with more questions than answers?  Here is a video that may answer some of your questions. This interview is about Guided Reading with Mesquite ISD first grade teacher, Candice Bookman. 

Inspired to Look on Your Own?

Have you ever tried Google Scholar?  It's a great resource for abstracts and journals.  Feel free to investigate on your own, too!

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Subject Guide

A PowerPoint with a Point!

Now, if you know the author of this libguide at all, you know she's not a fan of slide-shows.  Doesn't that just bring back memories of long Early Release Day training?  Well, this is not PowerPoint-less!  There is information about pedagogy, ideas of what students should be doing when you're explicitly teaching others, and some ideas for quick assessments.

Strategies for Differentiation

Here are quick overviews of the strategies implemented to successfully differentiate instruction.