Upper Elementary Grades

Guided Reading past Phonemic Awareness?

Basals and anthologies, whole group instruction and study-guides... these are typical indicators of a reading class in upper elementary and middle school grades.  These methods aren't totally without merit, but evidence suggest that differentiated reading instruction is still necessary once students transform from the "learn to read" to the "read to learn" phases of their reading journeys.  What do you think you need more support with to allow you to consider implementing guided reading in your classroom? 

Guided Reading past Phonemic Awareness?
Understanding assessment: 6 votes (16.67%)
Classroom management of materials: 2 votes (5.56%)
Classroom management for students working independently: 5 votes (13.89%)
Planning lessons to meet specific reading needs: 12 votes (33.33%)
Understanding how to integrate guided reading methodologies with a basal/anthology curriculum: 9 votes (25%)
Other: please e-mail specific questions to Lisa Sorlie: 2 votes (5.56%)
Total Votes: 36

Does it Really Matter to Differentiate Reading for Older Students?

Guided Reading Print Resources

Let's check out some of what's available for intermediate and middle level students for differentiated reading resoures.  Remember, our library media specialist, Carol, is always looking to add to our professional resources. Another option is to order your own copy at budget time.  That way, you can write all over the pages if you wish. 

Please rate the resources, and we will use that data to start up a book study! 

Small Group Lesson with Chapter Books for More Developed Readers!

Videos on Demand! Holy Resource, Batman!

Ever wonder what other teachers are doing outside our district or even outside of our state?  Check out the link below that features teachers of upper elementary students and their ideas of how to teach and facilitate reading instruction.  Moreover, there are "videos on demand," which allow you to watch the teacher in action!

Modeling of Guided Reading Video Clip Options

Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Oregon School District 24J
Teaching differentiatied reading is doable.  Check out what this district is doing.  These are regular teachers and students, just like us!

Our Read 180 Classrooms

You are cordially invited....

Please come visit a Read 180 classroom in our district.  This model utilizes small group instruction geared to the specific needs of students.  While we're not yet able to video record what we do and post it on a public format such as this (due to our current policies), we can share with you face-to-face, or we can show you what it looks like in other districts.  It's the same model. 

So, if differentiating instruction is what we implement to remediate our most struggling readers of our district, doesn't that make you want to try?  Know that you'll be supported during this transition in pedagogy.  We're in this together!

WOOT! WOOT! The Best Things in Life are FREE!

Assessments, instruction, RTI, tiers...we all feel the pressure of what it means to be a teaher of reading in a world where students may be struggling.  But, think about it.  If a student left your classroom with a better understanding of reading, how far can that impact his or her life...our community...the world? 

To assist you, this resource (and it is amazing that it was FREE!) is included on this libguide.  What a wealth of information that is organized well.  WOOT WOOT!

Technology Links for Middle School

Here are some good links for reading...all clustered in one place. These would be great ideas for anchor activities at the middle level!

Tips from Teachers

Enjoy this message board with posts from teachers like you for teachers like you. 

Editor's Pick

Here is a favorite book of mine with relation to effectively teaching reading to students beyond second grade.  The entire book is only 168 pages, and the book is very no-nonsense for the busy (yet passionate) teacher.  Yeah, I know.  Which teacher isn't busy?  That's why this book is one of my favorites! 

Don't take my word for it!  Feel free to read reviews by other readers!  Amazon.com   Stenhouse Publishing