Classroom Management

People are about This!

Managing the balance of your students while working with small groups provides challenges.  Luckily, supporters of differentiated reading are supporting one another with ideas and answers to questions you may have.  Please enjoy these blog links.  It may give you ideas for your classroom!

Did That Just Say Stinky Fish?

Teach-Tos, procedures, rules, guidelines, classroom expectations...these are similar terms describing a well-oiled classroom's management system.  Here are some ideas that may help you help your students manage their own behaviors. 

How Flexible Can My Groups Be?

Do I need to meet with every small group each day?  Do I need to meet with every group for an equal amount of time, or is it OK to lenghten my contact with one group and not meet as long with another?  We all need reassurance in these areas.  Attached is a document that answers these questions and offers tips to allow even the most novice of teachers the confidence to do what we are called to do: teach students to the best of our ability. 

Literacy Work Stations

It's so important to allow students to continue to grow as readers and thinkers - even when you aren't meeting directly with them about their text.  To allow for small group instruction to occur, other students need to function independently.  Activities must enrich the student's skill of reading and understanding text.  One expert in the field, Debbie Diller, shows you some ideas to allow for safe and productive management of students and their time. 

One of the easiest resources you can access is Diller's Spaces and Places.  Enjoy a brief clip of Diller giving you an overview of the book!

Classroom Management in Action!

Wipe your feet and come on in!  Through technology, you get to enter classrooms to observe management ideas that foster small-group instruction.  The author of this guide's favorite is the 3rd Grade Literacy Stations video.  These may be suitable for your class's needs, too!  There are also videos about effective methods to organize your libraries, writing stations, and more.  Welcome!  They've been waiting for us to come!

Anchors Away

Looking for Anchor Activities ideas worth the your student's time?  Not a problem!  Here are options that students can work on collaboratively or on their own...and all of these Anchor Activites can be completed indpenedent of direct teacher instruction once you establish your classroom procedures. 

NOTE** Graphic organizers related to reading can be found on the "Additional Teacher Resources" tab.

Grouping Options

Technology Anchors