Small Group Instruction

Example of a Small Group Lesson Sequence

Once you're with your small groups, you may feel like you'll need some guidance creating a well-sequenced reading lesson.  Check out these links to obtain some background knowledge as to how a typical small group lesson is sequenced. 

Small Group Instruction

Great Chapter; Free Read!

Did you ever see or read this new book? It's a great resource for early-literacy teachers.  Welcome 4K to the School District of Bonduel in the 2011-2012 school year!










There is a great chapter that I'd like to share with you from this book!  Thanks to Google Books, you can glean some ideas for small group instruction... all for free! 


Click here, and enjoy!

They're Due by 8AM...

Here's a riddle for you...

What's cheap in materials but expensive in time; yet it is worth its weight in gold?  Oh... and yes, it is due by Monday at 8AM.  You've guessed it!  Lesson plans.  Enjoy some lesson planning resources that can help you differentiate instruction for readiness based on student's MAP assessments.  HOW COOL IS THAT?

DesCartes Assessment Data

Don't forget to use our assessment data to help plan for instructional needs of our students.  Here is a refresher about how to use DesCartes.  Now...where did that password go?

Purpose and Small Group Instruction in Action

Debbie Diller, an expert in the area of reading differentiation, shares her thoughts about what her goals are for a small group lesson.  Then, she shares an actual lesson with us.  You'll have to agree, it really looks easy.  Any of us can do this!

Small Group Instruction - Reading and Writing Literacies

Relax, sit back, and see how easy differentiated instruction to small groups can be!

Small Group Instruction Part 2

Here's another fellow teacher modeling more differentiation!

Need Assistance with TYPES of Differentiation?

Remember, there are more ways to differentiate instruction than solely readiness.  Readiness is a valid reason for differentiation...certainly that is true!  But, what other ways could your flexible groups be flexible?  Check out this brief slide-show from Penn State University to get your creative juices flowing.  Oh, and don't worry; it looks like more research, but it smells like flexible grouping ideas!   The second link is a quick and fantastically organized document that was created for teachers in Florida in response to their Reading First program.  

Leveled Book Lists

Are you looking to find a book at the appropriate instructional level for your students?  Here are some resources to help you!