Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention, or RTI, is here.  You may have noticed a few meetings and training about RTI.  That's an understatement! 

Check out the following sites that support the Guided Reading instructional approach as an avenue to meet RTI framework. 

Relaxin' with Research

Have more time to study research?  Here is a research report for Guided Reading.  It's takes just about a cup of joe to finish reading this.  Cuddle up and enjoy!

Show Me the Money!

On the background tab, it was stated that Guided Reading may help you achieve more bang for your buck!  This page is intended to share some of the research that illustrates the payoff of the Guided Reading instructional approach. Remember, Guided Reading allows you to teach students in flexible groups based on their reading needs.  Books are leveled to their instructional level.

What Does the State Expect of Us?

The Wisconsin Department of Education defines the state's interpretation of what is considered Response to Intervention (or RtI).  And you've guessed it!  Differentiation is listed under "high quality instruction."

Pundit's Pillars & Podcast

Renowned in the field of reading research is none other than Richard Allington.  Past International Reading Association president and frequent speaker at our own Wisconsin Reading Association'sconvention, Richard Allington's research is sought by many publishers, educators, and other high-stakes holders in the area of reading. 

No time to peruse weighty research?  Check out these "quick-n-dirty" synopses of some of Allington's research!

Audio File- Richard Allington