Additional Teacher Resources

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Produced by Florida Reads, this resource contains the gamut of materials including lesson plans, research, and other intervention resources.  Don't be put off by the 184 pages, as many pages have lists of most commonly used cognates or other reproducibles. 

There.  Now we have a sink, too. 

Differentiation Liaison: Classroom to Parents

How can you bring parents onto your team as advocates of literacy for their children? This link should help you bridge your pedagogy to other key players in literacy, parents.  Here are some answers to questions that parents may have. 

Bibliography of Differentiated Reading Resources

Are you still looking for more?  Here is a bibliography of resources that may interest you!  Feel free to print this bibliography.


Craving More?

Here is a chance to search for your own references, too! 

Google Web Search

Getting to Know Your Kids

Differentiated instruction can help you address needs of students in so many ways.  Let me pose this question to you... What do you do with the busy student? You know, that child that has difficulty attending to your instruction.  She is tapping her pencil, clicking on her pen, and fidgiting.  Now, picture that child working on improving her fluency.  How could you address her and other active student's needs?  How could you engage them... or are you just babysitting them until the next bell.  Think about that and watch the following video by Ken Robinson.


p.s.: please add your ideas to Comments under video clip.

Quick PreAssessments

Are you looking for no muss, no fuss pre-assessments? Here are three suggestions that can be used to quickly survey background knowledge.

Theory to Practice

Here's an easy read for you.  This is a synopsis of a middle school teacher's thoughts of how to turn the theory she learned at a differentiation conference to practice in her classroom.  Enjoy!

Battle of the Graphic Organizers

A great way to organize thoughts and/or show understanding is through the use of graphic organizers.  Students can use them independently or in a grouped fashion, so they're flexible for your student's needs.  These can be used as assessments or anchor activities, too!  Please check out the following sites and rate your opinion of the graphic organizers.  Let the battle begin!