Admission to UWSSLEC

To enroll in UWSSLEC: As of fall 2018, you will have two options for earning the 1902 license:

  • add the 1902 license to an existing Wisconsin teaching license OR
  • earn the 1902 license as an initial teaching license if you have at least a bachelor's degree but no teaching license.

If you have the necessary online access and feel a distance program will work for you, follow these steps.

1. Select a Home Campus (see Campus tab):   Are you pursuing a graduate degree or simply licensure? Consider each institution's degree programs, their particular strengths, portfolio expectations and practicum requirements and choose your best fit - you can change your Home Campus during the first two courses.

2. Check the technology requirements for the program.

3. Complete the UWSSLEC Electronic Application (Press the button)

UWSSLEC Application Form

Eileen Troemel, College of Education and Professional Studies

4.  Determine your status:

  1. Have a teaching license and want to earn a master's degree along with the 1902 license
  2. Have a teaching license and want to earn the 1902 license at the undergraduate level
  3. Don't have a teaching license but have at least a bachelor's degree and want to earn the 1902 initial license   (This includes those with a MLS)

5. Complete the appropriate application for your home campus:

a. Have teaching license and want graduate degree:  Apply to a  graduate degree program.   If you seek both the license and a degree, apply as a candidate for degree through the online application process and choose the appropriate campus and degree. Note: If you select UW-Madison you must be enrolled in their graduate degree program specifically and should contact them before seeking admission to UWSSLEC.

b. Have teaching license but want with licensure only: Apply for Admission as a Special Student  or non-candidate for degree at your home campus.   Use the online application process to register.  UW Whitewater calls this a Non-Candidate for Degree Student (under the graduate application process) and UW Oshkosh calls this a Non-Degree Special Student.   This allows you to take courses at the undergraduate level.  These can't later become graduate courses, so make sure you don't want to work on a degree from the start.

c. Have no teaching license but at least a bachelor's degree - Apply for Admission as a Special Student at your home campus. Use the online application process to register as a special student.  UW Whitewater calls this a Special Student Full Credentials and UW Oshkosh calls this a Non-Degree Special Student.   If you want to also work on a graduate degree, it is recommended that you take the education courses at the undergraduate level and apply as a graduate candidate when you start the library courses.

  • UW Whitewater students should go directly to the application process for a Special Student Full Credentials. 
    • Include ALL your transcripts (not just your final undergrad one). 
    • Make sure to choose Undergraduate Degree, Certification or Certificate -- Special Student Full Credentials -- School Library Media Specialist Licensure (1902) [COEPS]*Field of Study.
  • UW Oshkosh students should contact Christopher Hendee, Educational Leadership and Policy at for an application information packet fpr a Non-Degree Special Student.  

6. You may now register for courses!   

Home Campus Financial Aid offices

UWSSLEC Home Institutions

The Graduate link provides information on applying at the campus.

UW System
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 Headquarters at UWW
UWSSLEC  Director:  Sarah Beth Nelson, Ph.D.      262- 472-1463

   UWSSLEC Coordinator: Eileen Troemel        262-472-7585



 Sarah Beth Nelson, Ph.D.
 Phone: 262-472-1463

 MSE-Professional Studies. in Information, Technology and Libraries

 Can work on licensure only

 Oshkosh  Website

 Marguerite Penick, Ph.D.
 Phone: 920-424-0339 

 Joshua Garrison
 Post-baccaluarate advising
 Phone: 920-424-0346

 MS in Educational Leadership

 Can work on licensure only

 Madison  Website

 Deb Shapiro, MLIS

 Phone: 608-712-6368

 MA in Library & Information Studies

 Must be working on graduate degree


UWSSLEC Course Costs

UWSSLEC students pay standard undergraduate or graduate tuition plus a $150 distance fee for each course to support development and coordination across campuses. Note: Posted fee rates combine tuition and segregated fees. UWSSLEC students pay only tuition, not the segregated fee, which is usually higher than the UWSSLEC distance fee.

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