UWSSLEC Home Campuses

Former partners, UW Eau Claire and UW Superior, no longer have library media preparation programs.

Home Campus Model

Faculty from each institution teach, and you attend the face-to-face experience at their campus, but UWSSLEC uses the Home Campus Model to make life easier for students. How does this work? Choose any participating institution as your "Home." That will be the campus through which you will:

  • register
  • get an advisor
  • use library services
  • apply for financial aid
  • complete your supervised practicum
  • maintain your transcripts
  • gain your license

One advantage of the Home Campus model for students is that a range of highly qualified faculty deliver the courses. By agreement, the UWSSLEC licensure courses have recognized equivalents on each campus, so you have no need to transfer courses for your license. By agreement, each institution automatically adds a special section of the current course for UWSSLEC students and the UWSSLEC Coordinator, Eileen Troemel, sends permission for you to register.

Students say they get to know each other better in this hybrid program than they ever did in face-to-face classes. Much of the work is collaborative, and the face-to-face weekends become professional retreats with friends. In the process, you become a skilled Wisconsin information professional and a curricular leader with state-wide connections.

Graduate Degree

If you decide to pursue a graduate degree, choose your Home Campus carefully and check the course requirements for the degree. Each university offers degree programs with slightly different emphases and each has different kinds of connections to area schools and practicum possibilities. This is your opportunity to either pick the closest campus, or choose among the relative strengths and options of a more distant campus. Your licensure work will usually comprise much of the degree but you need to be aware of any other expectations. Before choosing your Home Campus, consult with each university's faculty representative in UWSSLEC.

Initial License

As of 2018, UW Whitewater and UW Oshkosh offer the 1902  as an initial license for those with a bachelor's degree but no teaching license. Check with the campus advisor for the specific requirements for this initial teaching license.