Registering for Courses


To register and enroll in program courses, you must have:

  • been admitted to the UWSSLEC program
  • applied to your home campus for admission to the graduate program
  • been approved to register by Eileen Troemel

Watch the UWSSLEC website for information updates. You should receive an email several months before each class asking if you want to register for the next course.

Make sure to respond to this registration message because it will reserve your spot in the course. Failure to respond may result in your being closed out of the course. If you do not receive this information at least two months before the course, contact Eileen Troemel, or 262-472-7585.

Register for the course through your Home Campus. If you confirmed by the due date, you will receive an e-mail from Eileen Troemel with your Home Campus course and section number.  Be sure you respond to Eileen Troemel's notification within the time frame to confirm that you plan to take a course that semester.

IMPORTANT: You MUST Have Permission from UWSSLEC to Register for a Course

Course enrollment is restricted to those with permission from UWSSLEC. For each course, Eileen Troemel contacts the key registration person at each institution. She sends that person specific permission for you to register for the UWSSLEC course. She then notifies you.

Once you have received notification of permission to register from Eileen Troemel, you contact the relevant person at your Home Campus to activate your registration..

UW Campus Registration Contact Phone Email
 Whitewater   Eileen Troemel,
  Continuing Education
 Oshkosh   Christopher Hendee 
  College of Education and Human Services

  Deb Shapiro, 
  School of Library & Information Studies

  (608) 712-6368

ALERT:  REGISTRATION CLOSES one week before the date on which the course starts. 
ALERT: For unpaid accounts, the system blocks registration.

REQUEST: Please, keep your contact information current (phones and email) and respond to Eileen's email to reserve a spot in the class. Failure to do this could result in being shut out of the course.