Impression Evidence

Learn how to process forensic impressions to help solve crimes

It Starts with Photography!

The more evidence...the better!  Learn how to establish scale for your footwear impression with this short and informative How-To video!

Casting - Tips from the Experts

Step by step your fingertips!  If the product Mikrosil isn't available to you, please consider using dental cement. 

Easy Way to Document Tire Impressions

Do you have 30 seconds?  Let these criminal justice students show you how you can easily document tire impressions and tread designs.  Wow!  What a person can learn in a half a minute...

Tool Mark Impressions - How 2 4 U!

A high school teacher explains what tool mark impressions are, as well as how to collect and preserve the impression evidence!

Let the Web Make an Impression on You!

Are you looking for more information about impressions?  Here are some links that you may find helpful!  Below this area, you can search the web for your own impression sites. 

Need More Info?

This box will allow you to search articles about forensic impressions...just in case what we have leaves you longer for more information!

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Time to Try It! Impressions Workshop!

Here is a fun tire impression lesson that focuses on observing patterns and uniqueness of tire wear to identify vehicles:

Here is another lesson by the same teacher, but this one concentrates on using tool mark impressions as the evidence:

And, this creative teacher isn't done yet!  Check out this bite mark impressions lesson!

All three of these lessons are split into 2 parts, and each part doesn't take much time.  You may want to run all three stations (or a combination thereof) over the course of two sessions in this workshop. 

Wiki Impressions Page!

If you need to discuss your progress with the above activities or your CSI investigation, don't forget to use the wiki page designed for your discussions and collaboration!