Forensic Cases

Explore real world criminal cases and the forensic sciences that helped solve them!

TruTV Cases

truTV!  Enjoy these Forensic Files Cases!

New York Times Archives

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Stories of Stupid Criminals

© 2009   Candie_N (Will organize photostream eventually) , FlickrEveryone makes mistakes...but come on!  These folks deserve to get caught!

Video Clips of Real Crimes

JonBenet Investigation

Unsolved Mysteries Official Upload

Even though this is a reenactment, the violence in this video may be disturbing.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Famous Court Cases of the Past

Search for everything from the Salem Witch Trials to Miranda Vs. Arizona in these famous trials.  Not all of them are criminal cases, but all of them were key to how the laws are set up for our citizens today!