Learn More About All Sorts of Evidence


Blood and DNA evidence:  Crime-Solving Science Experiments by Kenneth G. Rainis

The Body as Evidence by Lorraine Jean Hopping

Bullet Proof!  The Evidence that Guns Leave Behind by Jaime Joyce

Cool Eyewitness Encounters:  How's Your Memor?  by Esther Beck

Corpses and Skeletons:  The Science of Forensic Anthropology by Rob Shone

Crime Scene Investigators by Rob Shone

How are creepy creatures used as evidence?

Check out the Crime Scene Creatures web site to learn more about gross, crawly things that help solve crimes.  Who knew maggots and flies could help solve a crime?


What is the strongest power of DNA?  


More Books

Crime-Solving Science Projects:  Forensic Science Experiments by Kenneth G. Rainis

Detective Work with Ballistics by David West

Do You Read Me?  Famous Cases Solved by Handwriting Analysis! by Diane Webber

Earth Evidence by Michael Martin

Gut-Eating Bugs:  Maggots that Reveal the Time of Death! by Danielle Denega

In the Laboratory by Barbara J. Davis