Challenges and Conundrums

This tab hosts many online games and challenges that can bolster your investigative skills!

Case Files Game

The victim is Helena Walton, 35, voice-over and sound artist at Radiotech. At 6:10 pm a dozen witnesses heard the victim scream through her window. She was stabbed with a kitchen knife. Looks like a break-in but nothing was stolen. Come solve this murder!


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Games and Simulations

Crime Scene - Only serious investigators need enter! 

   Are you looking to challenge your investigative skills?  Maybe you're just looking for the chance to trump a friend in a game?  Well, here's your chance!  Check out these links for various gaming options! 

Challenging Murder Mystery Game

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A wealthy film star is dead.  Download your detection pack, and get sleuthin'!  What makes this site different than the rest?  It's set up like a melodrama, with each scene of the murder recorded and ready for download.  Another neat twist to this game is that it was originally designed as charity fundraiser for prostate cancer research.  Check out this link for more information about the charity: