A Nation Torn Apart

A Nation Torn Apart

Civil War Era Activities

Civil War Webquest - by Clint Gregor

A Nation Divided - Educational Communications Board

The Civil War and Reconstruction Era - DocsTeach from the National Archives

Civil War and Reconstruction Lesson - from the National Archives (archives.gov)

War Letters - Suggestions for Active Learning from PBS: American Experience

History Detectives

Watch the History Detectives search for missing parts of American history. What will their investigations reveal next? Explore over twenty investigations into the Civil War and Reconstruction Eras of American History.

Geographic Resources

Click on the map below for an interactive experience of America before the outbreak of the Civil War. The map is part of PBS American Experience: In the Time of the Lincolns - A House Divided.


Mapping History - American Modules

America's Civil War: Battle & Campaigns - by Professor John C. Willis

Military Battles & Campaigns - Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress

Rare Map Collection: Hargrett Library Map Collection - please make note of usage of materials. If your use meets the following requirements, you do not need to seek permission. 

  • Non-profit educational purposes (such as a class paper, research, multiple copies for classroom use by a teacher).
  • For purposes such as criticism, comment, and news reporting.

Other uses of materials does require permission from the collection owners, who can be contacted at permission to publish.

Image Resources

Civil War Photo Gallery

American Civil War Photo Album

The image below is from the image database at awesomestories.com. This site contains not only images , but narrations, videos, documents, slideshows and lesson plans. To view all sources, you do need to sign up, but sign up is free and the site is awesome!

Curl Up With a Good Book

Have a little extra time to curl up with a good Civil War book? Make sure you get the best. Use and peruse the Civil War Book Review available from Louisiana State University.

Abraham Lincoln - Humble Beginnings

Video Source is from http://www.awesomestories.com/assets/abraham-lincoln-humble-beginnings, signup is east and free. There is a wealth of resources in this site.

Link to Lincoln - Humble beginnings

Biographies and Background


Marshfield Public Library Search Results: United States--History--Civil War--1861-1865

Civil War, US - Unforgettable Sights - www.awesomestories.com

Biographies From Revolution to Reconstruction - University of Groningen

American Letters, Speeches & Documents - Civil War Era

Northern Visions of Race, Region and Reform - American Antiquarian Society

The NYTImes Opinionator - look back when Americans went to war with each other and created DISUNION.

Marshfield High School LMC Resources for the Civil War

Enter the LMC catalog by clicking above, below is an already executed search of non-fiction resources pertaining to the Civil War in an html file.