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This guide encompasses the theory, research and practices for implementation of inquiry-based education and critical thinking in the classroom. The venue is the era of early America with heavy focus on the era of the birth of America and the Civil War.

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Ken Robinson - Rethinking Education

The following video is meant to inspire and challenge the traditional approaches to educating America's youth.

Purpose of this Libguide

The purpose of this libguide is multifaceted. The primary goal is to provide a framework, professional resources and ideas for implementing the following teaching and learning strategies: problem-based, project-based, inquiry-based and critical thinking approaches in the classroom. The focus of the content materials are for American history, in particular the founding of the nation, with room to grow as the nation developed through territorial expansion, war and conflict.

Carol Kuhlthau - Guided Inquiry

'Good questions work on us, we don't work on them. They are not a project to be completed but a doorway opening onto greater depth of understanding, actions that will take us into being more fully alive. Peter Block

To Meet the Demands of a New Age: 21st Century Curriculum

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