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Dr. Milton Chen is senior fellow and executive director emeritus at The George Lucas Educational Foundation. The following is his blog:

Imagine an Education Nation: Six Leading Edges

Interview with Milton Chen from MindShift: How We Will Learn on KQED

Suzie Boss is a journalist from Portland, Ore., who writes about education and social change. She contributes regularly to Edutopia and the Stanford Social innovation Review

Project-Based Learning: A Case of for Not Giving Up

Suzie Boss' new book, Reinventing Project-Based Learning, as found at

Discussion Board: What is Critical Thinking and how to teach it?

Web-Based Resources

Homepage of Project-based learning from Edutopia

Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

Guided Inquiry Model from Ohio Social Studies Resource Center

Ohio Social Studies Resource Center - has an extensive list of professional organizations that aid in the process of education.

Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries - Rutgers University.

Offers tremendous insight into the need and benefits of guided inquiry as an instructional model

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking - Foundation for Critical Thinking

Center for Research on Teaching and Learning - University ot Michigan

Teaching Strategies: Case-Based Teaching and Problem-based Learning

K12 Online Conference 2010