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Here are a few good movies and websites that our students have really enjoyed in the past.  The movies show the behind the scenes, disgusting jobs of Medieval Times.  Some of the jobs consist of taking off a knights armour after they have been in battle for 8 hours with no bathroom breaks to their medicine people who used worms to cure a sore throat.

Worst Jobs in History, Medieval Times Part 1

Websites for Castle Realty

These websites show current castles forsale around the world.  This is a great instructional tool because it shows that really old castles are still standing today and what the current cost would be.  You may need to convert the currency.

http://www.castles-for-sale.com/buy/  (this website doesn't show pictures but gives a quick rough estimate in us dollars on a cost window)

Convert currency using this:

Worst Job in History, Part 2

Worst Jobs in History Part 3


If you enjoy these videos, there is also a part 4, 5 and 6 at www.Youtube.com.  Just search Worst Jobs Medieval Times.