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1.  Warfare in the Medieval World, written by Chris Marshall, call# 355 Mar

Provides an overview of the evolution of military conflicts from the fifth through the fifteenth centuries, describing changes in the make-up of the armies, fighting tactics, and weapons.

2.  Usborne knights and armor, internet-linked, written by Rachel Firth, call# 940.1 Fir

Explores the many aspects of knights, knighthood, armor, and heraldry of the Middle Ages, describing the weapons they fought with and the armor they wore.

3.  Weapons & warfare, written by Christina J. Moose, call # 623.4 Wea

  Contains articles that examine over one hundred topics related to weapons and warfare, arranged thematically in two volumes; featuring overviews of main weapons groups, their development and uses, and exploring major historical periods and regions...

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