What is a Knight?

knight is a member of the warrior class of the Middle Ages in Europe who followed a code of law called "chivalry".  (Click here for link to Wikipedia where info came from)

Websites That May Help

How did one become a Knight?  Find out by reading the following website.

Everything you needs to know about Knights.  You will need to scroll down to Knights and Knighthood.

Another helpful website describing Knights.

Books From Our Library On Knights

Knights and heroes by Hamilton, John, call# 398 Ham

Presents an introduction to the knights and heroes of legend and folklore, in simple text with illustrations, including information on King Arthur, their tournaments, battle tactics, and related topics

Knights in armor by John D. Clare, call# 940.1 Cla

An overview of the lifestyle and changing role of the knight during the Middle Ages.

The world of the Medieval knight by Gravett, Christopher, call#940.1 Gra

Looks at the world of a knight during the Middle Ages, including his castle, feasts, tournaments, armor, pages, and battles.


***There are many more books about Knights at our library.  Go to Destiny Quest and type in Knights as your search.***  

Knight Getting Ready For Battle

More Info About Becoming a Knight

List of parts to a Knight's Suit


Do a websearch here.  You may want to use words such as Medieval, Knight, Armour, Knighthood, etc. as you do your research.

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