What is a Castle?

castle (from Latin castellum) is a type of fortified structure built in Europe and the Middle East during the Middle Ages by European nobility. (From

Great Websites

This website is filled with alot of information about Medieval Castles, from how and why they were built to what they children did and even a lot more in the middle.

More answers to castle questions you may have, such as, why did they stop making castles?

Books in our library

Medieval castles by Chapman, Lynne F, call# 944 Cha

Describes the history, use, and structure of medieval castles


Life in a medieval castle by Gary L. Blackwood, call# 940.1 Bla

Describes the history, purpose, and construction of medieval castles and the life of their various inhabitants.

A medieval castle by Fiona Macdonald, call# 940.1 Mac

Text and cutaway illustrations depict how people lived and worked inside a medieval castle.

Castles and fortresses by Robin S. Oggin, call# 728.81 Ogg



There are many more books at our library.  Go to Destiny Quest and do a search for medieval castles

How Castles Were Designed

Tour a Castle

On this website, follow a group of people as they take vacations at various castles and then posted their pictures for the world to see.  If you are interetested in this website, TAKE TOUR NOW

Videos of Current Castles and Their Locations