State, Local, Private, and Corporate

State, Local, Private, and Corporate

State: Wisconsin

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Wisconsin Arts Board eGrant  This link will take you to the login page.  You need to set up an account in order to learn about and apply for an e-Grant.  Contact information is provided.

Artist and Community Collaboration Grants  Funding is provided to an artist who will build the arts in the community.  Find an artist who's willing to collaborate, and then provide him/her with this information, as the artist needs to initiate the process.

State Arts Councils  Funding opportunities available through State Arts Councils and/or other state agencies are provided.

School Grants - Grant Opportunities  SchoolGrants highlights grant opportunities by providing links to the various states' Arts Agencies.


Instrumental Music

  • NAMM Foundation-Yearly  Schools serving low income families may apply.  Free and reduced lunch data is required.
  • Mr. Holland's Opus Music Foundation  The Special Projects Program targets after-school music programs as well as others.
  • The ASCAP Foundation  The grant cycle is presently closed, but it appears as if yearly cycles occur.  Average awards are $2500. 
  • The Mockingbird Foundation  The Foundation provides funding for children's music education.  The application process is two-tiered.  Due to widespread need and their unique funding opportunities, less than 2% of the proposals are funded.


Performing Arts

  • Arts Midwest  Information about applying for the 2011-2012 grant cycle is now available!


Visual and Performing Arts

  • Wallace Foundation  This foundation focuses on three areas:  
    • Strengthening education leadership to improve student achievement
    • Improving after school learning opportunities, and
    • Building appreciation and demand for the arts.
  • Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation (IAP)  This foundation provides grants in the geographical regions of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin as well as international locations.  IAP potentially funds programs that require and include partnerships and collaboration with communities and individuals. They refer to their requirements as the "give and receive" philosophy.
  • National School and Business Partnerships Award  The Council for National and School Business Partnerships has previously provided funding opportunities.  However, the web site information is old, so it is not clear whether or not present funding options exist. Contacting the administrators is suggested if you have a funding proposal in mind.  If you are an organization that has created a community partnership, you'll want to inquire about opportunities potentially available through this foundation.



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Like a Good Neighbor... State Farm prides itself on being a good neighbor.  As a good neighbor, the company supports safety, education, and community programs.  The yearly grant cycle runs from January 2 through October 31.  For specific information regarding their grant provisions, please follow the link, and scroll to the bottom.  

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Donors logo credit is an on-line organization that allows teachers to submit projects   to which on-line viewers donate. 




Jo-Ann Fine Arts Contest  The deadline for this creative contest to support the Arts is February 7, 2011.  The application must be postmarked by January 31, 2011.  Awards are in the form of cash and products.


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    Lowe's Toolbox for Education  The spring 2011 grant cycle comes to a close on February 18, 2011,      or when 1500 applications are received.  Basic needs will take priority.




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   Target Arts Grants Target supports Arts in Education with grants of $2000.00.  The 2011 application deadline is      March 1.  Award recipients will be notified in September, 2011.



W.K. Kellogg Foundation  The Kellogg Foundation accepts grant proposals throughout the year; there are no proposal deadlines!

Local: Green Bay, WI

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The Green Bay Art Colony is an organization of artists whose mission is to promote the Arts in the community.  The organization participates in community service projects and may be helpful in building an afterschool arts program in the local schools.


Northeast Wisconsin Arts CouncilCouncil members are dedicated to enriching lives through the Arts.  While grants are not presently being accepted, check for future offerings on their website.

Funding Databases

Arts  An extensive list of sources for funding related to the Arts and cultural education.

Arts and Humanities Funding Sources  An extensive list of funding sources specific to the Arts and Humanities is displayed. Educational Funding  A list of educational funding web sites is provided.