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How-To Multi-Media Sources

Today's learners are digital natives who thrive via the use of technology. The following texts can help teachers creatively embed the use of technology into daily teaching and learning.


Hard Fun:  Transforming Education Through the Arts  Teacher Tube video: Multiple educators provide an in-depth discussion of the values of Arts education.  This video is approximately 20 minutes.

How-To Suggestions

Are you thinking about developing an Arts program for youth?  The following links will provide you with information to help you determine how to develop and maintain Arts programs.

Afterschool Training Toolkit

YouthArts Planning

The Creative Wisconsin Guide for Community Action Planning  This valuable book, available in PDF, provides information on how to improve arts and creativity in education through community collaboration.

Potluck Creative Arts  This link will take you to a site dedicated to creativity and present options for podcast and RSS feed subscriptions.  Options include Creative Arts, Songwriting, Custom Instrumentals, and more.


While various links for specific program sites have been provided, additional databases have been included for your browsing pleasure!

FindYou.Info After School Programs: External Links

Partnership Organizations