Program Ideas & Examples

Program Ideas & Examples

Arts in Education at John Gill Elementary

Enjoy this delightful variety show as children at John Gill Elementary School in Redwood, CA, use the performing arts to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of content area curriculum.  Perhaps the students' performances will provide you with ideas for your own instructional endeavors!

Videos and Lesson Plans

From the Center for Learning through the Arts and Technology come lesson plans and videos from and for K-2 classrooms.  

Art Is...Ceramics Handbuilding: Slab Construction  This is a series that demonstrates the process of slab clay construction. A plethora of additional arts videos can be accessed from the page.

John Gill's Advanced Dance

Performing and Visual Arts

Children Performing Arts in Action

Imagine, Inc.

The following sources provide numerous ideas that teachers can use within or in addition to the traditional school day.


Visual Arts

  • Abrakadoodle  For program options, browse the web page and follow links of interest.
  • Wingspan Arts  A brief list of ideas for programming are provided and described.


Performing Arts

  • Performing Arts Workshops Education, Inc. is an organization based in California.  While you may live far from California, the information provided on their website can prove beneficial in setting up programs in your own area.  Explore the site to gain information on Yoga Boogie, Musical Theater, Dance Revolution, and more!
  • Young Audiences is an organization based in Northeast Ohio.  If you're looking for a performance group to come to your school, this might be an option for you!  Browse the website to see program offerings, pricing information, etc.  


Arts in General

  • The Art Garage  Ideas for course offerings might be generated after viewing this site.  For detailed program descriptions, go the Garage Art Calendar link.
  • The Enrichment Centers, Inc.  Best Instructional Practices Award  Browse the site for a list of ideas, including but not limited to ceramics, sculpture, cartooning, found art, music, drama, and more!  The Center is based in Bethesda, MD and will travel to schools for programming.

Dimensional Art Ideas

The YouTube video featured below initially tours viewers through types of art. However, it then tours viewers through children's examples of each featured type of art, providing visual ideas for visual arts education.