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Genealogy Project: Evaluating the Genealogy Unit

Thoughts and Impressions

How do you feel this family research unit went?
Everything went smoothly, I learned things I didn't know before about my family and I would recommend you do it again next year.: 0 votes (0%)
Things mostly went smoothly for the most part. I did learn some additional things about my family. I would recommend you change a few things if you do this unit again next year.: 0 votes (0%)
Things were a bit jumbled and could have flowed much smoother. Knowledge about my family pretty much stayed the same. If you plan to teach this unit next year major changes need to be made.: 0 votes (0%)
Things were very confusing and I had trouble understanding what we were doing at times. Unless the unit had major changes I would not recommend it be taught next year.: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 0

We would like to know more about your impressions of the family research project