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Genealogy Project: Accessing Information

Researching a Family Member


By now you should have talked to one of your parents or guardians to get some basic family history information. You should also have decided on a relative to record an interview with. If you have not done either of these things then finding information through our online resources is going to be difficult. 

Accessing Resources

Mr.McKeever has compiled a list of sources on the library webpage which should serve as a good place to start your research. The easiest way to get to the library website is to type lrc/ in the address bar of your web browser and hit enter (note: this will only work when you are connected to the Internet via the school network). See picture below for assistance.


Next select the Alexander Middle School and you should come across a page that looks like this:

Under the category "Genealogy Resources" is where you should being. 


Additional / New Resources

The resources listed on the library webpage is meant to help start you research but is by no means a definitive list of places to find genealogical information. 


If you happen to come across a good resource please contact Mrs.Gaffney or Mr.McKeever so they can included your suggested resources to the current list. 

Tips for searching

Be as specific as possible.

Be sure to include as much as you can about a person in a search (e.g. year they were born, a place they might have lived at one point in their life, their birthday, middle name, etc...)

Follow the links to assist you with your research:

Top 10 Tips for Starting Your Family History

10 Easy Tips for Using

Tips for Removing Stubborn Genealogy Research Blockers


The way the deal was worked out between the school and is such that it is only available to computers that are connected to the Internet at one of our schools, which means you will not have access to the site at home unless you subscribe to their service.