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Genealogy Project: Collected & Using Data

Thinking about your project


Hopefully by now you have found some information about at least one of your relatives. You should also be thinking about how you are going to present your findings to the class (e.g. power point, speech with visuals, video, etc...). 

There are a few ways to save the pictures, documents or newspaper clippings you come across during your research, it all depends on the presentation you plan to give at the end.

Save Image as...


If you are presenting your findings via a computer you will need to save documents or pictures you come across. The easiest way to do this is to right click on the the image or document you wish to save and then click "Save image as...". You will then be asked where on the computer you would like to store the file. Make sure write down or remember this location  so that you an easily access it



The easiest way to print, which usually works, is from the Chrome web browser itself. First click the three strips on the top right corner of the browser and then selected print (see picture below).



Print Screen

Sometimes you will not be able right click on an image or document in save it. In this instance taking a screenshot can be a work around. This method basically takes a picture of what is on your screen at the time you click a certain set of keys on the board. Follow the directions on the website linked below  to complete this simple straight forward process.

How to a take a screenshot on a PC

Printing in

Sometime printing from can have issues. The easiest way we've found print a document or picture is to look for the little green printer icon, which is usually found in the top right hand corner of the web browser when viewing a document or picture (see picture below). Simply click the print icon and follow the printing prompts.

Problems or Technical Issues?


If you are having any difficulties saving documents / images or printing please raise your hand in class or contact Mrs.Gaffney or Mr.Mckeever. They would be happy to help you out.