Movie Making: Home

Help to set up a movie making station for middle school students in the school library.

What You Will Need

Depending on the type of movie you make, you could use some or all of these items:

  • A digital video camera, a digital camera, iPad or other tablet, or a cell phone with a good camera
  • A script you wrote or have permission to use
  • A storyboard to guide the scenes, audio and other production related details
  • Actors, action figures, puppets or other characters for your movie
  • Sets, backgrounds, props and costumes
  • Microphones 
  • Video editing software (or applications for your specific device)


Have you ever dreamed of being in the movies? Or wondered what it would be like to direct?  Stay tuned, because you are going to find out.


Follow the tabs in order to help you learn how to put together your own movie.  You may choose to create a movie using actors and a green screen, or you may choose to create a miniature movie using puppets, action figures, or puppets.  After looking through the tabs on this libguide, follow these basic directions to get started on your production!

1.  Create a script for your actors or characters.

2.  Create a storyboard outlining the general ideas for your production.

3.  Set up of green screen or create your tabletop background for your small scale movie.

4.  Set up your camera on a tripod 

5.  Take pictures or video

6.  Edit work