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Movie Production for Teachers

With cameras being more available to our students in school because students have their own and the price has come down, many teachers are looking at teaching movie producing in their classroom.  The link below is from the Media Network that put together a lesson to teach grades 1-6 movie producing.This link has everything from lesson ideas to needed handouts. 
Teaching TV - Film Production  

MediaEd is another website set up to help teachers instruct their students in the film production process.  This website includes project ideas, how to plan it out along with storyboard ideas.

Website with a Teacher's Reflection on Tabletop Moviemaking

Not sure on how to use Tabletop Moviemaking in your language arts class, then this website is something that might interest you.  Brick Maier discusses his reflection on how this process can be used within his blog.

Reflection on Tabletop Moviemaking

How You Can Spice Up your Lessons Using Video Production

In this video, the gentlemen gives examples of different ways teachers can use video producing to add different tricks and techniques to your normal everyday lesson.

How to Use ipads In Video Production