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Stop motion, or stop frame animation was documented very early in history and in the late 1800's photography instead of drawings and paintings began to be used to create the illusion of motion.  Film makers used toys and other objects in their stop motion films in the early 1900's, and by the 1960's and 70's film makers were begining to use clay creatures and stretch the bounds of their stop motion work.  In the 1980's Industrial Light and Magic used stop motion to make the Tauntauns and  AT-AT's walk in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.  Today Pixar Animation Studios, Disney, and Universal Studios have amazing us with the limits they are able to reach in stop motion animation.  What's next?  3D animation seems to be favored by the filmakers for its ease and speed in the ablility to bring the movies to life. 

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Stop Motion Apps

We are not promoting or suggesting any of these apps.  Please read through the reviews to see if they are worth purchasing.  These are only suggestions of possible apps you could use.

Stop Motion Recorder ($0.99)

StopMotion Recorder is toy video camera enable you to make stunning stop motion video like claymation.
And you can edit, share movie via Mail, 'Facebook', 'Twitter (Twitvid)', Twitter(yFrog) & 'Youtube' from your iPhone.
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Stop Motion Shop (Free)

Stop Motion or Stop Action is an animation technique used to make objects that do not normally move on there own appear to do so. Stop motion is a fun way to bring everyday objects to life, like making the eraser on your desk take over the desk and turn your pencils into weapons of death! or whatever else comes to mind!
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