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A Sampling of West Region Resources Available in the LMC


My America: A Poetry Atlas of the United States Simon and Schuster Books, 2000. Selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins. 

Call No.: 811.008 Mya A collection of poems evocative of seven geographical regions of the United States, including the Northeast, Southeast, Great Lakes, Plains, Mountain, Southwest, and Pacific Coast States.

The American West (Series: Questioning History) - Smart Apple Media, 2005. Christine Hatt. 

Call No.: 978.02 Hat Learn about the history, events and colonization of the American West.

Explorers, Missionaries, and Trappers: Trailblazers of the West (Series: Shaping America) - Oliver Press, 2000. Kieran Doherty. 

Call No.: 920 Doh Examines the pioneers of the West and how they helped shape the region.

Great Women of the Old West (Series: We the People) - Compass Point Books, 2001. Judy Alter. 

Call No.: 978.7 Alt Features the history of some of the great women from the Old West. Includes biographical references, index, photographs, engravings, glossary, and a timeline.

Into the West: Causes and Effects of U.S. Westward Expansion (Series: Fact Finders. Cause and Effect) - Capstone Press, 2014. Terry Collins. 

Call No.: 978 Causes and effects of the U.S. westward expansion.

It's Cool to Learn about the United States. West (Series: Social Studies Explorer) - Cherry Lake Pub., 2012. Barbara A. Somervill. 

Call No.: 978 Som Learn about the history and culture of the western United States. Includes index and biographical references.

Native North Americans: Peoples of the Southwest, West, and North (Series: Curriculum Connections: Native North Americans - Brown Bear Books., 2009. edited by Rebecca Hunter. 

Call No.: 970.004 Nat Learn about the history and culture of the Native Americans of Southwestern United States.

The Natural Environment of the West AV2 by Weigl, 2015. Blaine Wiseman. 

Call No.: 508.78 Wis Explores the western region of the United States, looking at the major landmarks, biomes, ecosystems, and animals. Includes a related activity and quiz.

The Oregon Trail (Series: Pioneer Spirit: The Westward Expansion)- PowerKids Press, 2014. Rachel Lynette. 

Call No.: 978 Lyn Examines important events in the westward expansion movement.

The People of the West (Series: U.S. Regions) - AV2 by Weigl, 2015. Blaine Wiseman. 

Call No.: 978 Wis Learn about the people and events of the western United States.

The West (Series: Regions of the U.S.A.) - The Child's World, 2014. Rebecca Felix. 

Call No.: 978 Fel Learn about the western United States. Includes biographical references and index.

The West (Series: True Book) - Children's Press, 2012. Dana Meachen Rau. 

Call No.: 978 Rau Learn about the history, people, animals, resources and economy of the western United States. Includes biographical references and index.

The West Coast  (Series: Land That I Love: Regions of the United States) - PowerKids Press, 2015. Niccole Bartley. 

Call No.: 979 Bar Features the history, landforms, natural resources, plants, animals, and culture of the area.

Westward Expansion (Series: A True Book) - Children's Press, 2010. Teresa Domnauer. 

Call No.: 978 Dom Learn about the reasons, struggles, and events of the westward expansion.

What's in the West? (Series: All Around the U.S.) - Crabtree Pub., 2012. Robin Johnson. 

Call No.: 977 Joh Examines the geography, history, climate, and natural resources of the American West, and discusses the cultural characteristics of western people. Includes photographs, maps, and statistics.


The West Schlessinger Media, 2004.  Cynthia Lin.

Call No.: AV 917.8 JWM dvd Miguel tours the states of America's northeast region, stopping in big cities such as Philadelphia and Boston as well as rural areas, and learns about the region's history, culture, natural resources, and industries, visiting with a lobster fisherman, sampling the region's famous foods, and getting a demonstration of how maple syrup is produced.