Traditional Literature

Fables, Fairytales (traditional and fractured), Myths and Folklore

Picture Books

Traditonal Literature picture books are some of the first books a child is exposed to. These books usually teach a lesson or moral to young readers and make great read alouds.

Early to Intermediate Readers

These books feature some picture elements, but the focus is more on the text. I included "Gooney" as a bonus, she is not a traditional literature piece, but I like that she teaches young readers about the genre.

Description of Genre

Traditional Literature is timeless. Pieces originated from oral storytelling, and have been passed down through the generations, to later be written down. Fables, Fariytales (Traditional and Fractured), Myths and Folklore are examples of traditional literature.

Chapter Books

Once traditional literature reaches the chapter books, I noticed that authors rely on readers having some experience with the traditional pieces, and they then build their stories on that background knowledge. It is a nice progression.