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Welcome to my Children's Literature Site. I have organized my favorite book selections by genre and then by age.

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"Children's Literature is defined as material written or produced for the information or entertainment of children and young adults. It includes all literary, artistic genres and physical formats."
-Library of Congress



Children's Literature can be broken down into several different genres. Traditional literature, modern fantasy, poetry, contemporary realistic fiction, biography, historical fiction and picture books. When selecting children's literature for a child, one should keep in mind the child's interest, experience and age. Remember to avoid books that lack accuracy and feature stereotypes. Look for award-winning books that have gone through rigorous selection processes such as the Newberry, Caldecott and Coretta Scott King Awards are usually great choices.

Children's Literature is truly at the center of my elementary classroom. I set out to create a Children's Literature Blog that could eventually be linked to my school library's website. The audience I intended would use the blog includes teachers, parents and students of my school. I wanted my blog to be easy to navigate and decipher. I tried to keep language common and practical for all users. I decided to break each genre tab down by type of book and included the age level that would be able to best read and understand the content of the book. I also included lexile level where applicable for professions to use as well. One barrier I found with newer books is, a lexile level is not always available for these new items. Please keep in mind all children have different reading abilities and readiness levels. 


I have broken each genre down into three categories:


1. Picture Books

2. Early to intermediate Readers

3. Chapter Books


I chose to include picture books into each tab because I felt that there was enough material for each genre. I then added my personal favorite picture books to the last tab.


Book Key:

MC =Multi-Cultural

* = Books I have completely read

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