Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez

Maria, The Pottery Maker, Maria shown with Snake Pot, MRM 1984-74-1 and Polished Black Jar, MRM 1983-43-4 both on exhibit at the museum. Photo by New Mexico State Tourist Bureau.

Maria Martinez prepares for firing, ca. 1920-25.
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Bio Info

Maria Martinez was a true master of her art. Together with her collaborators, she established many of the most striking and recognizable traditions of contemporary Pueblo pottery. She worked with her husband Julian until his death in 1943, then with her daughter-in-law Santana Roybal Martinez, and finally her son Popovi Da.

Maria's greatest contribution, beyond the styles and processes she pioneered, was that her masterful technique ultimately led to the acceptance of pottery-making as a form of art.

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Maria Part 1

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Maria's Work

Jar, Feather Design, Red sienna on black, Popovi Da, San Ildefonso, c. 1965, MRM 1983-1

Black on Black Plate, Feather Design, Maria and Julian Martinez, San Ildefonso, c. 1942, MRM 1984-74-5

Three pots from a series, ca. 1924. Courtesy of David Rockefeller.

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