Playing in the Mud

Handbuilt Ceramics

Pinch Method

Pinch Pots 

The pinch pot technique is one of the oldest methods for making clay vessels.  A pinch pot requires no other tool than your own two hands. This method has stood the test of time and is still used today by clay artists all over the world.

Pinch Pot Artists

Karen Bamonte

Hanna Ashraf

Project Ideas- Pinching


Dinosaur shaped clay wistle.


"Big Mouths"

Coil Method


The coil pot, another ancient clay construction method. But coils aren't just for pots. Coils can be used to make all kinds of forms. They are great for free forms and organic forms, anything with curves. You can smooth your coils or keep them as they are. The method is fairly straight forward and easy to do.

Coil Pot Artists

Laura Orvieto

Betty Blandino

Project Ideas- Coiling

Coil Pots


Advanced Coil Pots

Slab Method

Slab Construction 

 All it takes is imagination and a slab roller or rolling pin and you have all you need to make some great projects in clay. Slabs take texture so well. Rolling and pressing things into the surface of your slabs opens the door wide for all kinds of surface decorations. Exploring your creativity with slabs is endless and unlimited.

Slab Method Artists

Hayne Bayless


Todd A. Van Duren

Project Ideas-Slab Construction


Fish Dish