Bell Recovery & Restoration

Bell Recovery & Restoration

Replica Placed as Permanent Grave Marker


Twenty years after the demise of the Edmund Fitzgerald, cooperative efforts resulted in the recovery and restoration of its bell, which now resides in The Great Lakes Ship Wreck Museum.  Read to learn more about the recovery and restoration processes.

Recovery & Restoration

Deterioration of the Bell from the Edmund Fitzgerald

Jon Soyring, nephew of Oliver J. "Buck" Champeau - 3rd Engineer of the Edmund Fitzgerald, and Fred Shannon, underwater explorer of the ship, show the deterioration of the bell from the Edmund Fitzgerald. 

This deterioration is occurring even though the bell is encased and housed in a museum.  Hear from these experts why this occurs. 

Note: The initial footage from the museum appears unedited, but it is short.  Soon, the narration about the bell begins.

Credits:  Save the Fitz Bell

Do You Agree?

Here is a post allegedly from Jon Soyring, nephew of 3rd Engineer Oliver Champeau, about whose responsibility it should be to protect the bell.  The original  quote can be found at under the video link. 

Did the Michigan State Archaeologist (Halsey) forget that Former Secretary of State Candice Miller ACCEPTED THE BELL ON BEHALF OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN ON JULY 5, 1995!????

Because she accepted it... he has a responsibility to protect it!

And if he doesn't want to do his job to protect it, then he at the very LEAST can submit to me his recommendations on how to do it myself!

Do You Agree?  

Do You Agree?
Yes: 8 votes (66.67%)
No: 4 votes (33.33%)
Total Votes: 12

The Edmund Fitzgerald Bell

Bell Ownership Controversy

The wreck of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald is located in the waters belonging to Canada, under the jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario.  So, how did the bell become the property of a museum in Michigan, USA?  Check out what one "watchdog" group thinks about Michigan acquiring the bell. 

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