The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald: Background

Explore the ship, view videos, learn important facts, and sing along with Gordon Lightfoot as you explore the information we have gathered!

The Search for the Truth

This site is a must-see.  Follow the link to the site of "The S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald:  The Search for the Truth of the Loss of the Edmund Fitzgerald".

The Life of the Edmund Fitzgerald

On February 1st, 1957, a contract was signed to create the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald, the largest ship to sail the Great Lakes.  The ship was thought by many to be unsinkable, but on November 10th, 1975, at approximately 7:20 p.m., the Edmund Fitzgerald vanished from radar. 

Travel along with the Edmund Fitzgerald from its creation to its final voyage.

Ship Comparisons

The Great Lakes' Big 10   This provides a pictorial comparative view of the 10 biggest ships to navigate the Great Lakes.  Each ship is linked to additional information.

Radio Communication

Knowing the Edmund Fitzgerald had sunk, what was the captain of the Anderson thinking when he was instructed to turn around, head to the wreckage, and look for survivors?

Credits:  The Lost Fitzgerald Search Tapes

Launching of SS Edmund Fitzgerald

Take a step back in time as you watch the celebration surrounding the maiden SS Edmund Fitzgerald.  The first 6:48 seconds of this tribute video showcases the maiden ship and the open house celebration for the public. 

Credits:  Edmund Fitzgerald Maiden Voyage 

Fitz Facts

The Edmund Fitzgerald was produced and christened in 1958 and met its unfortunate demise in 1975.  To learn additional facts about the ship itself, follow the provided links.

Fast Facts

Headline News

The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was the result of one of the 3 most talked about storms in the history of the Great Lakes.  Canadian song-writer, Gordon Lightfoot, was instrumental (no pun intended) in bringing the wreck to fame.  Included below are links to several newspaper articles relating to the historical wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Make sure you scroll to see other links within the links.

Anniversary 2010

Honor The Grave?

Headline News

Crew Members & Tributes

Twenty-nine crew members perished with the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Learn who the crew members were, positions held on the Edmund Fitzgerald, and family members left behind to mourn their losses.

Biography of Captain Ernest M. McSorley

Crew Member List

Crew Members' Profiles

Tribute to the Families

Crew Member Memorials