African American History: The Assignment

Example Interview Questions

Here are some links to sample questions. Remember you will need to create your own questions too. Your questions will be specific to the theme, topic, or story you choose to create your oral history project on.

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Oral Histories

Wordle: Oral History

The Final Product

Each of you will select a topic, identify people to interview, design a storyboard, and create a documentary. This website has a variety of resources to give you an idea for your documentary. You do not have to choose your idea from the website. Take the time to explore the website and decide what your driving idea will be.

Where to Start

Steps in the Process:

    1. Formulate a central question or issue.
    2. Plan the project. Consider such things as end product, evaluation, equipment, and time frames.
    3. Conduct background research.
    4. Interview.
    5. Evaluate research and interviews and cycle back to step 1 or go on to step 6.
    6. Organize and present results.