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Junior High World History - The Renaissance: Home

Coming out of the Dark Ages? Then the Renaissance is just what you are looking for! Investigate the location, artists, inventions, ideas and more that marked a major shift in World History.

Where to Start?

Welcome to a LibGuide! Across the top you'll notice 9 different labeled tabs. The one you are currently on will be highlighted in Green. To choose a tab, simply click on the words. This will bring you to that page. Similar to a website, each page is full of links, videos, graphics, and text to help you learn about the Renaissance. Each box in the Libguide has directions for you and links are in blue or bold to make it easier. Enjoy!


To get things rolling on the Renaissance let's start with a KWL Chart... to tell me what you know, what you want to know, and later at the end of the unit... what you learned. Download the following KWL chart, fill it in and e-mail it to me.

It Begins!

The Renaissance was a major event in World History! Across Europe, especially Italy, everything from government to science changed as new inventions, theories, practices, and even art shaped a new enlightened era. Check out this history project created by a Junior High student about the beginning of the Renaissance!

Key Terms to Know

Here are some terms you'll want to be familiar with as we go through this unit. Please list and define them in your notebook on a separate page.

















Notes for the Renaissance Unit

Grab out your pencils ladies and gentlemen!

Head out to this weebly to watch the videos and copy down the notes. These will come in very handy as you explore the rest of this unit!! Refer back to them as needed, and be sure to use them on your final project.


Coming out of the Middle (Dark) Ages

Head out to the Renaissance introduction website. Read the introduction, then click on 'Out of the Middle Ages' on the left hand side and read that section. Also choose the 'Read more about the new middle class and the resurgence of cities.' When you are done, create a cause and effect chart in Google and share it with me. Show how the plague, the rise of cities, and a new middle class changed society. 

Books on the Renaissance

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