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"Reading changes your life. Reading unlocks worlds unknown or forgotten, taking travelers around the world and through time. Reading lets you escape the confines of school and explore your own education. Through characters - the saints and the sinners, real or imagined - reading shows you how to be a better human being."

 The Book Whisperer, Donalyn Miller

It’s no secret that reading is at the core of our knowledge. Every single day the act of reading takes center stage in all of our lives whether we do it without thinking or treat it as a personal passion. Reading is the main focus in classrooms throughout the country, it provides businesses around the world with their daily information, it gets your mail where it needs to be, keeps traffic accidents in check, allows you to read your text messages, and even spares you from embarrassment by directing you into the correct restroom.

Thus, what better to use than the act of reading and sharing stories to provide our students with knowledge and information, answer their questions, motivate them, and even provide them with feelings of acceptance or give them companionship. So, let us help you explore the world of reading and the great books available to our students today!

Says Who?

Meet the Authors...

Tiffany Braunel
Tiffany is a 7th grade Reading/Language Arts teacher in the Mosinee school district. Reading is one of her passions – she enjoys staying current with young adult novels and being able to discuss books with her students. Her favorite books to teach are The Giver, The Westing Game, and (for fun) the read-aloud How Angel Peterson Got His Name.

Julie Weidman
Julie is a high school business education teacher in the Athens school district teaching grades 7-12.  She enjoys learning about new technology in the classroom and sharing what she learns with her colleagues.  Reading is also one of Julie's passions and she can't wait to get a position in a library to help her students develop a passion for books that is as deep as hers.

Polly LaMontagne
Polly is a middle school social studies and literacy teacher in the Merrill school district.  Her classroom library is one of her favorite things, and she finds time for reading every day.  She enjoys incorporating drama into reading lessons to increase her students' comprehension of novels such as The Outsiders and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.