7th Grade Geology: Home

What's the story behind a rock?

Choose a Topic

Choose from the following topics.

  • Rock Cycle
  • Rock Classification
  • Mineral Use
  • Minerals
  • Glaciers
  • Weathering and Erosion
  • Mining

As you explore, fill out the Exploration Guide to help you make your selection.  You may choose to use the linked Google Doc or a printed copy of the document.

When you complete the document, share it with Mrs. Swaney.


Find Basic Information

Use the Online Encyclopedias to find your basic information.  Record this information in your organizer. 

Switch to another World Book Site Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition - Compton's

Be sure to add all your sources to EasyBib.

Refine Your Topic

After looking for information on your topic, you may need to narrow or broaden your topic. 

If you found a lot of information, you will need to narrow your topic by using subject headings from databases or books.

If you didn't find much information, you will need to broaden your topic by using different keywords or sources.

Gather Information

Time to "Dig Deeper".  Find more information on your topic using the links provided in the LibGuide, the Science Reference Center, and NetTrekker.

Take notes in your organizer or using the notes feature of EasyBib. 

Be sure you add all your sources to your bibliography in EasyBib.

Create Your Project

Using Microsoft Publisher, create a poster representing you expertise.  Use images that are Public Domain or licenced for reuse.  Image resources can be found on the Images tab.

When you present you product, be sure to include information not found on your poster.



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