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Argument Essay: Introduction

This LibGuide is designed to guide 7th grade students through the process of formulating, researching, and writing an argument essay.

What is an Agrumentitive Essay?

   An Argumentative Essay is a type of writing that requires a writer to defend a position on a topic using evidence from personal experience and research to support his or her viewpoint.

What's to argue about?


What do I do?

We will follow the tabs across this LibGuide to guide us through the process of defining and researching topics, gathering and organizing information, and writing and sharing an argumentative essay. 



  1. 1.
    an exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one.
  2. 2.
    a reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others that an action or idea is right or wrong.

What's the Difference?

Argument vs. Persuasion

How to Write an Argument Essay: Video

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