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Resources and Lesson plans/ideas for Volcanoes, Caves, Oceans, etc. for High School

Subject Guide

Informational Tools

What is Earth Science?
This article talks about Earth Science and it importance.

NASA Science
This link to the Earth Section and provides information on what NASA is doing.

Earth Science News
This site has different articles that are current in Earth Science.

Educational Tools

Earth Science Picture of the Day
This is a great way to start off class discussing different images.

Exploring Earth
This link is to online resource to the textbook Earth Science published by McDougal Littell.



I got this off Youtube. It was created by Frank Gregorio and is a great intro to Earth Science.

Url is below:

Planet Earth

Planet Earth is a great resource for anything related to the planet, which takes us across the Globe.  Both Links will take you to You Tube. 

Planet Earth Documentary

Url: (for video)


Bill Nye the Science Guy
Classic but good resource. Kids don't get bore over Bill Nye.

Earth Science Animations
This link has different Animated Activies that students could do in a lab or homework.

Can you solve this?

Earth Science Puzzles