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Top Ten Graphic Novel List for Teens established by Lisa Sorlie for use in increasing the graphic novel selection of the Bonduel Middle/High School Library.

Why a Graphic Novel Top Ten List?

Graphic Novels...Why this Genre?

Adolescent and young adults seem to have a grasp on the latest and greatest graphic novel picks, but librarians?  We seem to be a bit behind the trend.  Have you ever noticed that you may have just discovered a hot graphic novel series, and the teens already are reading the 7th book of the series?  That's why this Top Ten List was created.  It's a starting point, but we'd love to hear your favorite graphic novel or series. Please add your thoughts to the COMMENTS areas under the appropriate tab headings!

Welcome to Sorlie's Top 10 Graphic Novel Picks!

Are you looking for some suggestions for decent graphic novel selections?  Come and peruse Sorlie's Top Ten Graphic Novel Selections, and add some favorites of yours, too!  Please include the title, author, synopsis, and "the mom factor;" you know... language, sexual explicitness, or anything else a mom would raise her eyebrow over. 

How Do You Use This Thing?

Maybe you've never used a LibGuide yet, and it takes a moment to acclimate to this format.  No problem!  It's easy to use!  Just select the tab of interest (Fiction, Non-fiction, and Series), and you'll see selections appropriate for the respective tab that you've chosen.  Maybe you'd like a printable copy of this list, and that's available as well!  Select the Resources Tab, and voila!  Print off the bibliography, and you and take it with you to your library or book store!

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