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Point me in Einstein's direction!


Albert Einstein got interested in science when playing with a compass at age five!

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Visit the White House

One hundred students gathered at the White House on April 22, 2013 for the third annual White House Science Fair. These students won STEM competitions in their own states and were invited to the White House to showcase their ideas. The first video is an overview of the fair. The second is a long tour of many of the projects.


DNA is for the birds!

James Watson, who helped discover the double helix shape of DNA, loved bird-watching as a young boy. This hobby led to his career in genetics.

Kolk, Melinda. doublehelix.jpg. Oct-99. Pics4Learning. 2 Apr 2011 <>

It can be rocket science!

Homer Hickam Jr.'s interest in model rockets translated into a career as an aerospace engineer working for NASA.

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