Science Fair: Why A Science Fair?

Teachers who are organizing a science fair or evening thinking about organizing a science fair will see all the how-to steps here.

White House Science Fair

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Science Fair at the White House

A Science Project Demonstration in Action

Cool Science

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Scientists in Residence

Why a science fair???





Because it's fun!!!


Remember when the real scientists came to our school in January?  They did all sorts of cool experiments with food!  Well, now it is YOUR turn to be a scientist!  Think of something you're interested in . . . maybe it's food, animals, volcanoes, the solor system, or maybe you want to find an answer to something . . .

When you research, experiment, and invent, YOU ARE THE SCIENTIST!  And what a fun way to show off your scientific skill . . . the SCIENCE FAIR!



Why a Science Fair?

Why do YOU think we should have a science fair? 

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Science Rocks!

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