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Logging Industry and History with emphasis on Wisconsin logging. Created for use with the 4th grade unit of study focusing on Lumber Jacks past and present.

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Wisconsin History: Logging

This guide was created for Lori Berryman. Mrs. Berryman teaches 4th grade at AVW grade School. AVW is a Pre-K-8 located in the town of Arbor Vitae but also serves Woodruff. The main industries in the area are tourism and logging. Fourth graders study Wisconsin history. Logging and Lumberjack lore is of special interest because of the local tie in.

This guide contains resources that can be used to teach the Logging unit. This guide is intended for teacher use. The teacher has access to a SmartBoard to display videos and photos.

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Lumberjacks in Arbor Vitae and Woodruff

workerd 13 hour days and earned only

18-30 dollars per month?