The Ins and Outs of ADD and ADHD: Introduction

Provides a background of ADD and ADHD as well as medicinal and natural treatments for the disorders

Overview of the Idea

This libguide was created as an information source for my client, my cousin.  She has a six year old son who was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder about two years ago.  Since then she has been struggling with how to control his behavior at home and now at school.  At one point his school's principal, during a conference, told her her son was basically just a bad seed.  The principal tried to tell her that it was just how her son was and that he was the troublemaker.  This year her son has a much more supportive teacher and his behavior and academic performance has improved greatly.

She has done some of her own research in the past, but is always looking for new and improved ways of treating her son's disorder.  Currently her son is on an extended release medication for ADHD which lasts most of the day at school.  She has been interested in finding out more information about alternative treatments to ADHD; therefore, this libguide was born. 

Subject Guide