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Hey there, grades 4-6! Use this LibGuide to help you prepare for the 2013 Battle of the Books (List A) quizzing!

Battle of the Books Information

Clicking on the link below will provide you with a page of general information about what Battle of the Books is all about!

The battle has begun . . . who will win?

Phelps School Battle of the Books participants (grades 4-6) will meet every Friday from November 30 until Christmas in the IMC to discuss and read books on our list.  In January after Christmas break, we will begin meeting on Fridays again to prepare for the big "Battle" with mock quizzes.  Sometime in March, I will be choosing the THREE most well-read and faithful participants (one student each from grades 4-6) to be our school's final candidates for the trophy in the Battle of the Books.  I will also choose three alternates.

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