Daily 5: Daily 5 Intro

This LibGuide gives information about the reading approach called Daily 5 from the 2 sisters, Gail Boushey and Joan Moser.

What is Daily 5?

Daily 5 is an approach to literacy that strengthens reading and writing skills. It focuses on 5 main elements:

  • Read to self
  • Read to someone
  • Listen to reading
  • Working on writing
  • Working with words

You will be working independently on these activities as your teacher is reading with small groups.

Daily 5 Introduction

This is what Daily 5 should LOOK like in a classroom.Watch for kids reading to self, reading to someone, listening to reading, working on writing, and working with words. Notice how quiet and respectful the class is, how independently the students are working, and how engaged they are in these reading activities.

Daily 5 on tagxedo