How to be a Storyteller


How to be a great storyteller!

The art of storytelling does not have only one way of being presented. Storytelling can found all over in society today. Radio soap operas, TV shows, and movies are a form of storytelling. 

First Steps To Becoming a Storyteller

First you need to get an idea for a story. If you decide to make one up just make sure that oit is not too long so that it will hold kids' attentions. Otherwise pick out a book and make sure that you really want to tell that story so that way you can get into telling the story to kids. 

Second you have to learn the story. The best way to know the story is to read the book many times. Once you know the story pretty well start reading it in your voice, the voice in which you will use when telling it later to an audience. 

Do not memorize the story! Memorizing the story can cause you to mess up, make mistakes,and lose your place.

Only you are allowed to judge when you are ready to perform. 

Lastly you can tell your story to a selective audience. Since this is your first performance you need a practice run. Once the practice has gone over well, you can start performing in front of some small groups and work your way up to the big times!

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